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Our first collection is inspired by a turn-of-the-century American Indian love story. The legend of Willie Boy is one of forbidden love and defiance turned tragic in a Mojave Desert manhunt. The story hints at the end of an era and the beginning of another: the end of the California desert culture with its rugged, natural beauty and unforgiving attitude, and the start of the laid back, progressive, free-spirited coastal culture that we call home today.

“Quality remains long after price is forgotten” – Sir Henry Royce


The Willie Boy collection is a functional classic, with the weathered details and purposeful attitude of turn-of-the-century California desert culture.  Stitched with the relaxed, distinctive elegance and detailed craftsmanship of the modern era, this collection is made to last for decades. It is made to become the vintage clothing of future generations. Every piece in the Willie Boy collection is designed to take you to a time when California was truly a land of opportunity, and a time when people took pride in making quality products and honest livings.

Willie Boy collection is very limited in quantities to prompt individuality, making every piece special

Photo: Sage Burgess

Styling: Ana Maria Tinajero

Models: Jorden Michelle Prest & Justino Gabriel Pescador

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