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Mulch California Green Fuz

When and Why did you guys start Green Fuz (some background info)

We started Green Fuz almost 4 years ago. We were talking about how we didn’t like most bag designs and decided to make some of our own. We posted them on Instagram and the next day a local shop asked us to make some for them… the rest is history!!


Whats special about Green Fuz(what differentiates you guys)?

I’d say the designs are a unique, they have more of a rock n roll or skate feel opposed to a traditional surf style. Then we use organic canvas and denim materials which is more traditional or old school. Most bag companies use synthetic materials, it costs less but isn’t as good in our opinion. We also make the bags locally opposed to overseas. They’re either made here in San Clemente or occasionally a few towns over when our work load gets to be too much.

Why did you guys choose Mulch to help design your new bags?

We saw their stuff on icons of surf and liked the dye jobs a lot. We thought it’d be cool to mix it up and collaborate with someone in town. We just got the fabric back and they look insane! Can’t wait to see the final product!

What was your inspiration for your new bags?

We’re always pulling inspiration from music, we grew up in the 90s so a lot comes from there, 60s, 70s rock, indie stuff… we went and saw dinosaur jr again recently and asked mulch to make a bag that looked like a dinosaur jr album cover! We’re pretty excited about that one!

When will they be available? Where can people get them?

The bags should be available by late November. We’ll have them on our website, in icons of surf and a few other shops. There’s a list of shops we are in on our website too.


This collab with Green Fuz was a fun project, we saw them as a brand that was unique and doing something different with the surfboard bags, they are local company hand making there product locally.  They make bags that are art pieces so we naturally thought it was a good fit.  We design for more then just profits we want people to feel good about what they get knowing it was made the right way and there was craft that went into it.   We were excited when they gave us the opportunity because we thought they had the coolest board bags.  One of our craftsmanship specialties is dyeing,  we have done extensive research on dyeing, with all kinds of dyes and techniques on all kinds of fabrics.  We wanted to show a variety of what we could do with natural dyes, full immersion, low immersion, and ice dyeing.  Mehr pulled some color he saw in the fall 17 fashion runways that he thought would translate well to green fuz aesthetic , Green, soft pink, and Brown.  Then Mehr Alejandro came up with the color combos he wanted to see.  They gave us a blank canvas with the project, with one particular inspiration Dinosaur Jr. and old school punk rock band, were really excited to see how those ones came out!  Each sheet of fabric we dyed is unique. That’s whats so cool about the hand dye process is the subtle variation and the human element, improvising on the go.  We cant wait to see how they come out And look forward to collabing with other local like minded brands


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